Anne Fouilloux

Oslo, Norway ·

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Hi there 👋 I am a Senior Research Engineer at Simula Research Laboratory.

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Languages, Operating Systems & Tools

Fortran Cplusplus Python R linux git bash

Data Management

Data analysis Database Design and Planning

Containers & Cloud

Docker Singularity


MAchine learning, Surface mass balance of glaciers, Snow cover, In-situ data, Volume change, Earth observation (MASSIVE).

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The lack of accurate modelling of fish movement, migration strategies, and site fidelity is a major challenge for policy-makers when they need to formulate effective conservation policies. By relying on the Pangeo infrastructure on the Destination Earth Service Platform (DESP), the Use Case aims to predict the sea bass behavior and develop a Decision Support Tool (DST) for “what-if” scenario planning. As a result, the Use Case will help to obtain accurate insights into fish populations by introducing the Global Fish Tracking System (GFTS) and a Decision Support Tool into the DESP.

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University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences (Norway)

Research Software for Meterology, Oceanography, climate science and Earth Observation


Responsible of the Observational DataBase (ODB) software, an had-hoc parallel database used at ECMWF, UK Metoffice, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Meteo-France, HIRLAM (HIgh Resolution Limited Area Model) and ALADIN communities (more than 16 countries).

IDRIS, CNRS (France)

Assist users to fully take advantage of IDRIS (Institut du Dévelopement et des Ressources en Informatique Scientifique) computing facilities (porting, optimisation and parallelisation of user codes); Participation to EU projects such as DEISA (Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications); Teaching (Fortran, MPI, complexity, theory of languages) both at IDRIS and University.

IFSTTAR (France)

Design of the architecture of the Intelligent Transport System in France; Development of a real time software to control (speed/direction) an automated vehicle prototype.

CERFACS (France)

Design and development of PALM (Projet d'Assimilation par Logiciel Multi-Méthodes) software (C/F90, MPI-2). PALM is a generalized coupler which ensures the correct link and synchronization of the software components of the data assimilation suite and which handles the algebra of the problem.

University Clermont Auvergne (France)

Non-tenure staf in the Physics Department. Lectures in mathematics and fluid mechanics (master's level), research on assimilation of satellite data in a regional atmospheric meso-scale model (RAMS).


Computer Science

Parallelism, Complexity and Theory of languages
Master of Computer Science & Postgraduate Diploma (DEA)

Meteorology and atmospheric water cycle

Meteorology, clouds
Postgraduate Diploma (DEA)

Atmospheric physics

Meteorology, cloud modelling, remote sensing and satellite data processing
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)